Favorite Chocolate Fondue Recipe – A Great Addition To Any Event

Chocolate fondue is a great addition to any event, not just those glitzy ones like New Year's Eve, Christmas office parties or Valentine's Day get-togethers.

If the book club is meeting on Thursday night, a mini version can be whipped up in no time. No matter even if you are catering to a dozen people or 100, everyone loves chocolate.

That is why we decided to share some of our absolute favorite chocolate fondue recipes with you.

What Is Chocolate Fondue?

This is an edible dessert usually prepared by melting chocolate with milk or cream.

It is poured in a fondue pot and then you can dip slices of pastry or fruit in it.

You can also spice up your chocolate fondue with kirschwasser or rum. As well as you can add marshmallow, caramel, honey, or coconut.

The Origins Of Chocolate Fondue

Whereas there would be some ambiguity associated with certain foods about their origins, it is not so for chocolate fondue.

chocolate strawberry, cheese, cookies in an pan

Circa 1966, there was a restaurant located in New York. The name was Chalet Suisse. It was initially operated by Alfred and Clara Baertschi but later bought by Konrad Egli, a Swiss-born gentleman.

Back then, it was the best-kept secret. Recipes there were masterfully prepared and paid homage to Switzerland.

The chefs were respectful, using only the best ingredients and catered to their patrons every epicurean desire.

Egli was a food innovator. He walked his own path and was not afraid to try new recipes. The people respected him for that and continued to be loyal to his restaurant, both staff and patrons alike.

He was also known to be one of the premier adapters of air conditioning.

This was a masterstroke, to his credit. Because, when it was sweltering hot in the summers, the people in New York did not delay to frequent his establishment.

The Move To Fifth Avenue

In keeping with his progressive practices, Konni, as he was called, decided to relocate in the 1960s to just off Fifth Avenue.

At the same time, he thought that he would revamp the menu as well. This, of course, caused people to talk about what the possible changes would be and so the restaurant garnered more attention.

The transition proved most fortuitous for the restaurant because the Swiss Center was only one block away. There you could find the Swiss National Tourist Office, the Swiss bank UBS and the national airline Swissair.

During the time of his business networking relationship at the Swiss centre, Konrad Egli met Beverly Allen, who was working in public relations. She represented a chocolate company in Switzerland called SNTO.

They wanted to promote their new product, Toblerone.

You could devour it piece by piece and each piece was an oddly shaped chocolate-and-nougat bar. It was representative of a miniature, stylized mountain.

So Ms. Allen’s objective was to propel it into the US market and working with Konni would achieve just that.

Konrad Egli Invents Chocolate Fondue

Though his idea was mind-boggling at the time, Konni was unconcerned and moved full speed ahead. Toblerone was to be the brand of chocolate to be used in his new culinary invention, referred to as a sweet fondue.

To have the project turn out just the way he wanted it, he used kirschwasser, which is considered a much-loved Swiss firewater. He paired this with another first-rate ingredient, heavy cream.

Not too long after the restaurant occupied its new location, the delicatessen for sweet, chocolate fondue was launched. People were thrilled and excited. They could not get enough.

Soon the restaurant had more business than it could handle on 48th Street, circa the late 1950s to early 1960s.

a pot full chocolate

Konrad Egli had many inventions, even in the fondue category. Fondue bourguignonne was another, which instead required a pot full of hot oil and some fresh meat. After achieving the desired level of preparation, you would then enjoy the meat with your choice of savory sauces.

Sadly, the restaurant no longer exists, and Konni has long since died shortly after his wife.

Regardless, his legacy lives on all over the world. It has even bridged the great divide and is prepared in many places in Switzerland itself.

Konni would be both proud and tickled by this achievement.

The Best Chocolate Fondue Recipes

Now that you understand the ingenuity, which went behind preparing this simple yet masterful dessert, let us explore 10 simple recipes, which you can prepare. Feel free to mix and add whatever ingredients are to your liking.

Recipe 1: Milk Chocolate Fondue

Milk chocolate is a top choice for many people. Its sensuous and alluring taste pulls you towards dipping any favorite morsel into its swimming depths.

The milk chocolate fondue can be accompanied with your choice of dunkers including pineapple squares, apple slices, strawberries, marshmallows, dried apricots and even pound cake squares.

cheese and strawberry dip into chocolate

This easy-to-make recipe also calls for two tablespoons of orange-flavored liqueur, or you can interchange that with brandy, kirsch or half-and-half.

Then, you either need two cups of milk chocolate chips or one 11.5 oz bag milk chocolate. And finally, you need two-thirds of a cup of half-and-half.

Proceed to warm up your chocolate and half-and-half in a heavy saucepan able to hold two quarts. Turn your stove on low heat.

Do not forget to stir relentlessly.

Do this, until your chocolate mixture appears smoothly melted and then take it off the stove. Pour in and stir your liqueur. After which you can pour the mixture into your favorite fondue pot or chafing dish.

Then dive right in with your fondue forks loaded with your choice of dippers.

On the chance that it gets thickened, had some half-and-half and stir again.

Ratings: 5/5.

Recipe 2: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondue

This is another savory chocolate fondue recipe, which you can enjoy. The dark chocolate raspberry fondue is considered quite an indulgent treat.

To make this delicious goodness, you will need varied dippers like angel food cake cubes, pound cake cubes, shortbread cookies, pretzels or fresh fruit pieces. The choice is yours.

chocolate in a bowl with brownies

Also gather together one bag of chocolate chunks, which are semisweet, one tablespoon honey, about one-third of a cup of seedless raspberry preserves and two-thirds of a cup of whipping cream.

Mix your whipping cream in a two-quart saucepan or fondue pot. Add the honey and raspberry preserves.

Prepare this over a medium-low heat setting. You want the mixture to simmer slightly, not boil intensely. Look for bubbles surfacing on the top.

Then pour in your chocolate. Using a wire whisk, gently stir the mixture while your chocolate melts.

You can choose to keep it on a very low warm setting until ready for consumption. Or you can change it over into a fondue pot but maintain a warm setting.

Then just enjoy it with your dippers.

Ratings: 5/5.

Recipe 3: Caramel Chocolate Apple Fondue

This recipe will cause an absolute dunk fest. The caramel-chocolate apple fondue is a particularly significant treat. Your guests will be raving.

Gather two average-sized apples or pears, diced into one-inch chunks plus a quarter cup of thinly chopped salted nuts. You can opt for peanuts, walnuts or any you prefer.

hot chocolate and an apple

Ensure that your guests are aware, just in case they have a peanut allergy.

You will also need toothpicks, room temperature chocolate-flavored syrup. Fill up about a quarter cup, and get a room temperature caramel topping. You will need about half a cup of this.

Put the peanuts, chocolate syrup and caramel topping in their own little bowls. Then arrange them in the middle of a large platter. All around, arrange toothpick speared cubes of apple.

You consume this little dessert treat by dipping the pieces of apple into some caramel, then into the chocolate fondue and finally, into the sliced-up nuts.

Ratings: 4.75/5.

Recipe 4: Chocolate Fondue With Fruit Skewers

This is a mix of healthy and sweet. You will need a number of items to prepare this enjoyable chocolate fondue recipe.

Your list should include:

  • Strawberries
  • Five ounces fat marshmallows
  • One large, peeled and cut up banana
  • Eight ounces halved strawberries
  • Three tablespoons light corn syrup
  • Two-thirds cup of heavy cream
  • Seven ounces pieces of semi-sweet chocolate

Once you have all these ingredients together, put the corn syrup, cream and chocolate in a heat-resistant container.

Place the container above a saucepan of lightly simmering water. Warm this up for no more than four minutes. Ensure that you constantly stir the mixture until it is smooth and fully melted.

white chocolate with fruits on stick

Using wooden skewers, spear your dippers one at a time until fully loaded.

You can create small servings for each guest by pouring a small about of the chocolate fondue into a dish and serving it with the dippers. Some people also enjoy this with whole fruits, like strawberries.

Ratings: 4.75/5.

Recipe 5: Hazelnut Chocolate Fondue With Berry Skewers

This is a different spin on this dessert of choice. You can personalize it to suit your tastes, if necessary.

Procure the following necessary ingredients:

  • Waffle cookies
  • Marshmallows
  • Raspberries (3/4 cup)
  • Blueberries (3/4 cup)
  • Hazelnut liqueur (1/4 cup)
  • Finely chopped semi-sweet chocolate (4 ounces)
  • Cup heavy cream (2/3)

Mix together chocolate and cream in an average heat-resistant container. Then put the container above a saucepan of gently simmering water. Water should not come in contact with the bowl.

chocolate with berries and waffle

While stirring, let the contents melt and become evenly smooth over a period of upwards of four minutes.

Then you can mix in your liqueur. Transfer the contents to another heat-resistant container or fondue dish for serving

Skewer the marshmallows, berries, and waffle cookies. Enjoy them with your chocolate fondue.

Ratings: 4.75/5.

Recipe 6: Heavenly White-Chocolate Fondue

This is a treat, which you can enjoy by combining a bag of chopped white chocolate and a quarter cup of milk.

Consider even using salted pretzel rods as a skewer.

white chocolate and a choco knot

Your dippers can include mango slices, crystallized ginger or even pineapple slices (dried or fresh).

Get ready your chocolate fondue blend over low heat and enjoy it with your preferred dippers.

Ratings: 4.5/5.

Recipe 7: Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue

For this version, you will need a pinch of kosher salt, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, half cup of milk, one cup of heavy cream and milk chocolate chips.

You can change this to your preferred kind of chocolate, but you will need about a pound.

For those who prefer to blend in liqueur, you can opt for hazelnut liqueur, bourbon. About two tablespoons should suffice.

Then secure your preferred dippers, diced pound cake and fruit are popular options.

chocolate in a bowl with cheese and berry

Turn on your slow cooker to a high setting. Once it is hot, throw in your ingredients and let it cook for about 30 minutes. After which you should stir the mixture and put the setting to low heat.

Then you can add the liqueur if you wish.

Prep your dippers and enjoy.

Ratings: 4.5/5.

Recipe 8: Chocolate Berry Fondue

You will dream of chocolate after trying this recipe.

Get some semi-sweet chocolate chips, whipping cream, vanilla and mixed berries. Puree about two and a half cups of thawed berries and vanilla.

Make sure to sieve the mixture and remove seeds before combining it with your chocolate fondue preparation.

berries dip into chocolate

Keep about a third of the mixture separate. You can store unused portions in the freezer.

Put the whipping cream into the fondue pot, set it to a medium heat. Then measurably and intermittently add the chocolate. After which you also add the berry mixture. Stir everything together.

Maintain a low heat on your fondue, but you can serve this with your dippers.

Ratings: 4.25/5.

Recipe 9: Double Chocolate Fondue

This double chocolate recipe calls for combining two types of chocolate together. If you prefer, you can opt for milk and dark chocolate. Or you can use white chocolate and milk chocolate.

Feel free to experiment.

chocolate and full of cookies and berries

This recipe calls for fifty marshmallows, one and a quarter cups of heavy cream, three and a half ounce bars of thinly diced semisweet chocolate and milk chocolate. You will need about three bars of each type of chocolate.

Prepare your chocolate fondue mixture and enjoy it with your marshmallows.

Ratings: 4.25/5.

Recipe 10: Spicy Mexican Chocolate Fondue

This is a fun spin on an old favorite. So try the Mexican style chocolate fondue recipe.

Get together the following ingredients for your recipe. They include thirty-two cinnamon doughnut holes and some Mexican hot chocolate prepared with one cup of heavy cream.

chocolate on a pan with berry and cheese

Warm up the Mexican hot chocolate then if you prefer, include some chili powder and cinnamon.

You should continue stirring for approximately three to four minutes over low heat.

Serve in personalized bowls with warmed up doughnut holes. Remember to provide sufficient toothpicks.

Ratings: 4/5.

Name of Recipe


Milk Chocolate Fondue

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondue

Caramel Chocolate Apple Fondue

Chocolate Fondue with Fruit Skewers

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Fondue

Hazelnut Chocolate Fondue with Berry Skewers

Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Berry Fondue

Double Chocolate Fondue

Get Ready With Chocolate Fondue!

This is simply a must-try list of recipes. Chocolate fondue not only offers versatility but it is a treat that all of your guests or family can enjoy.

It can be fashioned into a healthy indulgence or one that might come with a few extra calories if pound cake squares are on your list of dippers.

But no matter, it is certainly worth it.

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