Chocolate Milk–A Blessing or a Curse?

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The war is waging between nutritionists, celebrity chefs, public schools systems and the press—is chocolate milk a blessing or a curse?  The recent L.A. school district ban on flavored milk has escalated the conversation.  We’ve been watching the news and have found the following articles of interest surrounding the debate.

Is Jamie Oliver the Villain?

Hoosier Ag Today provides a great general report on the chocolate milk controversy.  Jamie Oliver fans beware—written by the son of a dairy farmer, this article places most of the blame for the hysteria around chocolate milk in the schools on this celebrity chef and his crusade to improve the nutritional health of U.S. communities.

Cardiologist Weighs-in on the Debate

Dr. James Rippe of Rippe Health takes a positive stance regarding chocolate milk.  Citing numerous studies, he makes the argument that making chocolate milk the villain in the war on childhood obesity is short-sighted.  Banning flavored milk will cut dramatically milk consumption in children and the obvious nutritional benefits it possesses.


Texas Research on the Benefits of Chocolate Milk

The University of Texas has recently published two studies that conclude that low-fat chocolate milk serves athletes better than sports or calorie-free drinks after a vigorous workout.  While this should not encourage us to automatically reach for a glass of chocolate milk, it does confirm that natural sources of protein are an important part of a regular diet for adults or children.

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      Good Luck! In my experience it’s tough to go wrong with great chocolate! Thanks for the comment!

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      You are welcome…the chocolate milk controversy is far from over. Stay tuned!

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