Chocolate Molds

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Wanna Make Your Own Chocolate Bunny?

Chocolate molds have been around since the 1880’s.  Molds allow the professional chocolatier or home enthusiast to create interesting solid or filled confections.  Mold designs generally reflect the trends of the era.  Originally chocolate molds were rendered in metal.  Today thousands of chocolate molds are available in light-weight sheet plastic, polycarbonate, silicone and vintage metal reproductions at prices affordable to everyone.

Plastic Sheet Molds

Affordable and available for any occasion and event, these molds can kick up any chocolate presentation.  Generally costing under $3.00 per mold, these molds are more suitable to small projects as they have a short lifespan.

Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds

There are numerous manufacturers of these hard-plastic molds.  Used primarily by confectioners and serious enthusiasts, these molds produce incomparable results.  Polycarbonate molds are easy to work with and clean and can last a lifetime.

Silicone Molds

Silicone rubber has risen to a prominent place in kitchens everywhere due to its heat-resistant properties and the fact that it’s known to be non-toxic and non-reactive to food odors.  Silicone can withstand temperatures from about -184°F (-120°C) to 572°F (300°C). In addition to the wide range of temperatures it can withstand, it’s also pliable and non-stick.

Vintage Chocolate Mold Reproductions

Nostalgic seasonal molds for those who really want to create a special holiday memory.

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