Holiday Chocolate Gift Giving Tips

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Holiday Chocolates, Anyone?

Give Chocolate Cookies, Desserts, and Other Chocolate Gifts and Gift Baskets on Christmas Day.

The unique taste of a holiday chocolate makes it one of the all-time favorite gifts on various occasions. Hardly can you find holidays and special affairs without chocolates as one of the gifts, especially during special days for women.

Chocolates are sometimes used to express affection and love towards a person because they are sweet and give you that feeling associated with falling in love. That is why chocolates are quite popular during Valentines Day, and they are also common during courtship, birthdays, and Christmas.

Chocolates today come in many different types. There are also a lot of brands offering unique chocolates to cater to the demanding tastes of many chocolate lovers across the globe. This makes gift-giving of chocolates even more challenging since there are many varieties to choose from.

Which Chocolate Holiday Gifts Should You Choose

When choosing the perfect chocolate holiday gifts, it is important to personalize your selection according to the preference of the gift recipient. This is relatively difficult if you hardly know the individual, as in the case of courtship.

In this case, you can simply ask the person during one of your standard conversations. If you cannot do this, try asking the colleagues, friends, or someone close to the recipient of the holiday chocolate gift. Be creative and use your resourcefulness when searching for the information that can make your chocolate gift fully appreciated.

However, there is a certain kind of holiday chocolate that is perfect as gift, regardless if you know the person’s favorite kinds of chocolates or not. This is gourmet chocolate.

Gourmet Holiday Chocolate Gift Baskets

Gourmet chocolates are one of the best chocolates that appeal to the discriminating tastes of chocolate-lovers. These chocolates usually come in many different varieties; each variety has a unique chocolate gourmet recipe. Unlike the standard chocolates that you can find in many shelves of chocolate shops and in grocery stores, gourmet chocolates are available in selected outlets only. This is because the gourmet chocolates are not mass-produced in factories using state-of-the-art equipment, and baked in uniform chocolate molds. They are especially hand-crafted by expert chocolate makers using distinct creative recipe, making each chocolate unique.

Accordingly, gourmet chocolates are different from the branded chocolates in two main aspects. One is ingredients. The percentage amount is different, including the type of cocoa beans used to make the chocolate. The other aspect is the presentation. This makes it largely different from the standard chocolates.

Gourmet chocolates are usually presented with extreme artistry and uniqueness, including their packaging and presentation. They are, therefore, more appealing not only to the tastebuds but to the eyes as well.

3 Different Types of Chocolates for Holiday Chocolate Gifts

In terms of color, there are three different varieties of holiday chocolate to choose from. They are the dark chocolate, the white chocolate, and the brown chocolate. Some people prefer the bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolates, while others like the white chocolates. The sweetest type is the brown chocolate, which is also the standard type and more popular among the other varieties.

Dark Holiday Chocolate for Gifts

When it comes to health benefits, the dark holiday chocolate is the one to go for. This type is dark in color because of the high percentage content of cocoa, which is the basic chocolate ingredient. As a result, they are generally a bit bitter in taste, yet sweet in the end.

According to some medical experts, dark chocolates are good for the heart. They can help improve the heart condition, especially those facing hypertension problems. The reason for this is that dark chocolates are said to be great antioxidants that promote better health. This is yet to be proven in clinic studies though.

White Chocolate Holiday Gift

White chocolates are confectioners with chocolate derivatives. They are like chocolates with more milk, making them white. Interestingly, white chocolates have no cocoa solids; and yet, they are made just like the ordinary chocolate. Hence, white chocolates have lesser health benefits compared to dark chocolates, and they are also not a good source of antioxidants.

Brown Chocolate Holidays Gift

This is the most popular type and the favorite of the masses. Brown chocolates are sometimes mixed with various recipes like chip and cookies, dessert items, pretzels, chocolate chex, chocolate bark candies, and cakes. Brown chocolates are also used to mix with hot chocolate drinks to enhance their flavors; as well as toppings in many cuisines and foods like the chocolate covered cookies.

Because of its high demand, brown chocolates are widely available in many outlets. Most chocolate manufacturers usually carry wide varieties of brown chocolates with different formulation, tastes, and presentation.

If you are unsure which type of chocolate to give, then go for brown chocolates. There is a better chance that the person will love it compared to dark or white chocolates.

Chocolate Holiday Cookies

Don’t just limit your gift choices on pure chocolate bars and gourmet chocolates. You can expand your gift options to chocolate holiday cookies. Chocolate holiday cookies would be perfect since these are ideal for snack time indulgence, without being conscious of having too much chocolate consumed for the day. On top of that, holiday cookies made of chocolate appeal both to the palate and the stomach.

Chocolate Holiday Desserts

Another excellent gift during holidays is the chocolate holiday desserts like chocolate cakes and truffles. Holiday chocolate desserts are perfect during snack-time treats and after-meals pleasure. Just like cookies, chocolate holiday desserts satisfy not only the cravings for sweets but hunger as well.

The numerous choices on gifts today make shopping for the perfect gifts during holidays and special occasions more difficult and time-consuming. Even if you have already narrowed down your search on chocolates, you will be surprised that chocolates still give you quite a number of options to choose from.

To make things easier on your part, it would be best to opt for a holiday gift basket that contains different varieties of chocolates that already include gourmet chocolates, chocolate candy bars, chocolate drinks, and some delicious chocolate cookies.

A holiday gift basket is not only an ideal gift during holidays, but also perfect for all special occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations days, and even during regular days to make that special someone feel, er, special.

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