Homemade Brownies: Quick And Easy Recipe For Chocolate Lovers

homemade brownies

Brownies are one of the most delicious foods on the planet.

Yet, some of them can cause some shame and guilt after consumption due to their unhealthy nature. This means that they are usually only consumed in moderation.

In this article, we present a homemade brownies recipe that is actually healthy for a change. What this means is that you can have as many of these homemade brownies as your heart desires. After explaining this recipe, we discuss some foods that would pair well with the brownies and explain some of the benefits of the brownies.

We also discuss some modifications that people can make to these homemade brownies. This means that this recipe is actually many recipes, making it very dynamic.

Acquiring The Ingredients For The Homemade Brownies

The first step for this recipe is sourcing all of your ingredients. This might be the most critical element of this recipe, as high-quality ingredients are necessary in order to maximize the health of this dish.

We recommend purchasing only local ingredients if possible. Local ingredients travel less miles to get to you, which means the food is less compromised. When food travels many miles, it undergoes many environmental fluctuations, which can damage the food.

Also, many farmers harvest their crops prematurely in order to anticipate this travel time. This results in a crop that is undeveloped and lacks complexity. Ultimately, that translates to a food that is hard to digest.

You can purchase local food at farmers markets in your area or co-op grocery stores.

We also recommend purchasing organic ingredients. These lack the pesticides of some non-organic foods, making them healthier to consume.

We advise that you ask farmers directly about their processes, as this is the best way to determine if a crop has been organically produced. Remember that just because some food lacks an organic certification does not mean that it has not been organically produced. Many farmers avoid the certification process because it’s both timely and costly.

Making The Homemade Brownies

chocolate sauce in the mixer

After you’ve acquired your ingredients, it’s time to make these healthy homemade brownies.

Unlike most brownies, these brownies will not be baked in an oven. Instead, they will be refrigerated briefly in order to allow them to solidify.

This recipe serves about 5-6 people.

Put the following ingredients in a high-speed blender:

  • 15 dried dates
  • The juice from one lemon
  • The juice from 2 beets
  • Half of a cup of cacao nibs
  • Half of a cup of coconut water
  • Half of a cup of flax seed powder

Blend this on high until a smooth, thick texture results. If the consistency is not thick enough, you can always add more tahini or flax seed powder. This will give the mixture a nuttier consistency.

After you’ve blended these ingredients, pour the mixture into a baking pan. Then, we put the pan in the fridge for about an hour. This will allow the brownies to solidify, making them more amenable to eating.

After an hour, you can take the pan out and let it sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. Then, the homemade brownies can be cut into small pieces to allow for easier eating.

It’s also important to note that we usually soak our dates for about 30 minutes prior to blending them. This makes them easier to blend.

Also, if you don’t have a juicer, then we recommend just blending the beets in a blender and then straining out the liquid using a cheesecloth or nut milk bag.

Pairing The Homemade Brownies With Other Foods

chocolate brownies in the tissue paper

While these homemade brownies are delicious on their own, we love to pair them with several foods.

We love making coconut yogurt to put on top of these brownies. This is as easy as extracting the meat from fresh coconuts, blending it with coconut water, and then pouring the mixture into a mason jar. We usually let this mixture ferment on the counter for 1-2 days, as this gives the coconut yogurt a complex, savory taste that pairs perfectly with the rich sweetness of the brownies.

If you don’t have access to high-quality coconuts, any kind of nut or seed can be used. For example, you could replace the coconut meat with cashews and mix this with coconut water.

Since the coconut water is full of beneficial bacteria, you shouldn’t need to culture the yogurt. However, if you only use regular water, then we recommend adding some kind of probiotic powder to the mix. Keep in mind that the taste of the resultant yogurt will be affected by the probiotic powder that you use.

We usually add a scoop of this coconut yogurt to the top of our brownies. Sometimes we even freeze our yogurt, which gives it more of an ice cream consistency.

To finish off these homemade brownies, we usually add whatever local fruit is available to the top of the yogurt. Some of our favorite choices include cherries and strawberries.

The finalizing touch on this dish is to add a fresh mint leaf. This accentuates the flavors of the brownies and yogurt and also aids with digestion.

A Note On The Homemade Brownies 

This recipe is best made during the summer, as this is when seasonal fruit can be purchased.

Fruit that is in season tastes the best and is usually very affordable. If you shop at local farmers markets, you might even be able to buy these ingredients in bulk, allowing you to make these homemade brownies for a large event.

It’s also possible that you won’t be able to source some of these ingredients locally.  If this is the case, then you might consider substituting whatever ingredients you can find locally. For example, instead of dates, you could use any kind of dried fruit or frozen fruit. These foods can usually be found locally since they last for a long time.

Furthermore, you can also substitute any kind of local flour for the flax seed powder. However, make sure you bake the brownies in the oven if you do this, as many of these flours are not edible in their raw form. Many people decide to use flour made from local grains like buckwheat flour, chickpea flour, or whole wheat flour.

If you do decide to bake the brownies, we recommend adding some kind of baking powder and baking soda, as this will allow brownies to rise in the oven.

Agar-Agar Powder

Alternatively, you can just add some agar agar powder to boiling water and let it simmer until it’s relatively thick. Then, you can add that mixture to the blended ingredients and then place the mixture in a pan in the refrigerator.

Agar agar powder is a unique ingredient that solidifies after being dissolved in boiling water, allowing these brownies to retain a similar consistency to classically baked brownies.

The Benefits Of The Homemade Brownies 

home made brownies in the top of brown paper

You’ll love this recipe because it uses only plant-based ingredients. In addition to being healthy, plant-based foods are more digestible since they have a longer history of usage.

Eating animal products is only a recent development in human history that is contingent on a certain kind of technology.  This means that our bodies have not evolved the capacities to perfectly digest animal products. Since humans evolved eating fruits and plants that were growing naturally in their environment, these foods are instantly recognized by the body.

This means that they are very digestible and will provide you with a significant amount of energy. Some people even swear that plant-based foods are creatively superior than animal products.

This is likely why many artists have turned vegan in recent years, as they are starting to notice how their ideas are a function of the food they eat. When you eat food that has been violently sourced, the fear is transferred to your body and mind. All artists know that excess fear is antagonistic to creativity.

Our Final Thoughts On Homemade Brownies 

We think more vegan homemade brownies recipes will be introduced in the future as the world moves towards a plant-based diet.

While these brownies can certainly be enjoyed as an after-meal dessert, we also recommend eating these as a meal.

One way of doing this is to cut them in small pieces and add them to a large leaf of romaine lettuce. Then, you can add some kind of nut-based yogurt as well as fresh fruit. Then, we recommend closing the leaf of lettuce around the mix like a burrito.

Sometimes we use several pieces of lettuce to ensure that this burrito stays together. A reusable toothpick can also be used.

This lettuce wrap would also make a great appetizer for some kind of special event. Many people serve these at weddings, as the dish is not only healthy but absolutely delicious.

Also, since we use cacao nibs rather than overly-processed chocolate, this dish will be very stimulating. This is usually necessary for any kind of extended special event. This would also allow you to avoid drinking coffee or alcohol, as these substances can have many negative side effects.



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