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One thing is for sure—the world is filled with fantastic chocolate shops.  Whether you are purchasing a gift or treating yourself, options for today’s chocophile are enormous.  Here at Chocolate Guru, we think the best way to select high quality retailers is to relay on industry experts.

A Few Tips

Quality varies wildly from chocolate shop to chocolate shop.  In order to make the best decision for yourself, a few questions are recommended.  First, does the shop produce their own confections?  A retailer that makes their own confections most likely will subscribe to the philosophy of chocolatiers engaged in the creation of fine, artisan confections.  They should also be transparent about the couverture chocolate they use as well as the quality of the ingredients used.

Does the chocolate look fresh?  A great chocolate shop will usually not use preservatives and will proudly discuss their manufacturing system.  Are the chocolates attractive and enticing?  A chocolatier that is meticulous about the appearance of their finished work understands that a great bon-bon tastes as good as it looks.

Trust the Pros

So who is our favorite industry insider?  Director of Ecole Chocolat, Pam Williams is THE fine chocolate industry expert.  She has devoted her life to fostering the fine chocolate industry through education and advocacy.  One of her recent projects has been the development of Chocomap.  Featuring over 2,000 listings for chocolate shops around the world, Pam’s Chocomap site is the gold standard for ratings and reviews.  Whether bon-bons or bars, this site will provide all the resource you need to make your next chocolate purchase.


photos courtesy of tastetravel.com, nationalgeographic.com & pondaray.com

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