Make a Stop at a Chocolate Store this Thanksgiving

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Chocolate–Not Just for Valentine’s Day


Recently we read an article that posed the question, “Do chocolate and Thanksgiving go together?”  Numerous comments from readers answered that question unequivocally—YES!  There IS room in between the cranberry relish and the pumpkin pie for chocolate. Whether you sneak chocolate into the pecan pie or choose to break tradition by serving an amazing chocolate cake for dessert, who doesn’t love chocolate—especially during the holidays?


Try These Chocolate Stores this Season

And here is another chocolate option for your consideration:  a visit to your favorite chocolate store for a specialty chocolate treat to compliment your Thanksgiving extravaganza!  Here are a few of our favorites this year.

Loved ones gathered in celebration, a brisk November chill outdoors, and delicious gourmet chocolates from Vermont’s Lake Champlain Chocolates — an ideal partner to the savory delights of your Thanksgiving table. Choose from an array of holiday chocolate gift boxes, chocolate place setting turkeys, foil-wrapped pumpkins, leaves, and more.

These chocolate figs are as good as they get. John and Kira import tender, organic dried Calabacita figs from a small family farm in Spain then fill them with a silky smooth, whiskey infused Valrhona dark chocolate ganache. They are then hand-dipped in 62% dark chocolate and carefully placed in their own gift box . . . finished with a letter-pressed card.

The press these figs have received would make any aspiring actor envious. They appeared, with John and Kira of course, on the Martha Stewart Show and have been featured not once but twice in Oprah’s magazine. Wine Spectator loves them as well.

Like most creative professionals, Christopher Elbow likes to experiment with different materials. But while some artists dabble in bronze, or oils, or clay, Christopher chooses things like 100% Venezuelan bean chocolate, French lavender and Grand Marnier. This flagship assortment that includes 21 of his seasonal artisan chocolates Flavors rotate throughout the seasons so there will always be something new and exciting.

Gobble, gobble! That’s exactly what you’re going to do with these Handmade Turkey Truffles from Shari’s Berries. Each milk chocolate truffle is hand-made and then hand-decorated with candy corns for the feathers. Perfect for the kid’s table this holiday!–Buy-Half-Dozen-Get-33-More-FREE-30057099?REF=SHBSRCHgoogkwd_gift+strawberries_ccs_b&viewpos=8&trackingpgroup=stk

Fritz Knipschildt, Maitré Chocolatier, makes no compromises; he applies the highest standards of excellence to each and every step of the chocolate and confection process.  These seasonal pumpkin truffles are no exception.  A white chocolate truffle with New England grown pumpkin and Indonesian nutmeg, enrobed in 71% Ecuadorian single bean dark chocolate topped with pumpkin seed—you may not want to share these with the rest of the family.

If cream centers are your craving, these Thanksgiving Chocolate Creams from See’s Candies will fill the bill.  Three milk chocolate and two dark chocolate, all topped with a sweet, seasonal turkey decoration. Each one is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Known for her beautifully detailed chocolates, this 5 pack of Thanksgiving themed lollipops from Anna Shea Chocolates include: Pilgrim Hat, Leaf, Acorns, Pumpkin & Give Thanks. They are a mix of white and milk chocolate and are as beautiful as they are delicious.

For something a little different this could be the perfect center piece for your Fall parties.  This dark chocolate hand-painted pumpkin fits 7 pieces of Charleston’s Christophe Artisan Confections’ fall collection.  The pumpkin measures 4 inches tall with a diameter of 4.5 inches and weighs (without chocolate pieces).

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