Meet Some of the Best Creators of Artisan Chocolate

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An Advocate for Fine Artisan Chocolate

Pam William is founder and lead instructor of Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatier School of Chocolate Arts. We have known Pam for the past seven years.  She is a well-known advocate, supporter and cheerleader for fine chocolate around the world.  And one of the nicest people we know.  On her website, Williams connects with chocolatiers at the top of their craft—finding out what inspired them to make great chocolates for a living!  Meet her favorites!



A Little More About Pam Williams

Pam Williams founded au Chocolat, a luxury chocolate business, in 1981 after moving from California to Vancouver, BC. Au Chocolat’s specialty was gourmet chocolate truffles in a multitude of flavors. Besides being the owner and running the business, Pam was the shop’s chocolatier for 10 years. Being self-taught, she spent her career experimenting and developing confections inspired by the industry, her travels and her peers.

Pam found that chocolate lovers, whether they consider themselves gourmet cooks or not, have the same endless curiosity about chocolate as she does. To satisfy their curiosity and hers, she wrote articles on chocolate and then her first cookbook, Oh Truffles by au Chocolat, which went on to be a Canadian Best Selling cookbook. Pam sold the business to a friend of a friend who loved chocolate making too—au Chocolat is still in operation today, specializing in private label and wholesale products.

As a teacher by degree, Pam led chocolate making programs, as well as courses on entrepreneurship for many different organizations, including the University of British Columbia. She worked with the University in continuing education for 9 years, focusing on online education—another passion of hers.

In 2003, as a labor of love, Pam founded Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts to provide quality learning experiences focused on professional chocolate making. Besides taking care of the school, developing the curriculum and being the lead instructor, Pam researches and writes about chocolate and the chocolate business.

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