Official Chocolate of the 2012 Olympics

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Chocolate Olympics

With the 2012 London Olympics officially getting underway tomorrow, thought it would be fun to share a little tidbit with all of you.  As you know, sponsoring companies get the opportunity to be designated as ‘official’ representatives of the Olympic Games.  For instance, Coca-Cola is the official soft drink of the 2012 Olympics.

The same goes for chocolate.  At the Beijing games, Mars was the official chocolate sponsor.  But this year Kraft/Cadbury is wearing the crown of not only ‘official chocolate’ of the games, but also ‘official treat provider’.  In anticipation of these sponsorships, the company has set aside a £50 million marketing budget for the Olympic campaign.

So how does the world community shake out on these huge investments?  There has been some criticism for the World Obesity Forum which feels that promoting chocolate or chocolate snacks promotes unhealthy eating habits for the world’s children.

But does it really matter?  A 2011 Mintel study found that almost three-quarters of United Kingdom consumers who watch sports claim to no pay attention to advertising messages.  So is it worth the money to add the Olympic rings to your packaging and be able to lay claim to the title of ‘Official Chocolate of the 2012 Olympics?”  In the end, it is a point of pride for many companies to be affiliated with something as amazing as the Olympics—increased sales notwithstanding.

So what does £50 million buy?  Here’s just one example of the Olympic advertising Kraft/Cadbury has mounted.

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