Some Call it Medicine–We Call it Delicious!

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Unsweetened Baking Chocolate

There are some who view an ounce or so of unsweetened chocolate a day as medicine—great medicine.  But prepare yourself, unsweetened chocolate is just that—cocoa solids and cocoa butter with maybe a smidge of soy lecithin.  No sugar—therefore, pure unadulterated chocolate.   Look at the packaging of unsweetened chocolate. It should list one ingredient — chocolate. Unsweetened chocolate is usually not palatable on its own, but it is the heart and soul of all chocolate confections. It is the essence of the cacao plant. Unsweetened chocolate is present in some form in all other chocolate. Unsweetened chocolate is by composition more than 50 percent cocoa butter, the remaining amount being what is termed cocoa solids.

Now the Ratings

There are a number of options when you are choosing unsweetened or baking chocolate.  Some are well-known grocery store brands, others are artisan bars that cost a bit more, but well worth the investment.  Fortunately, there are a couple of reputable sites that have taken the time to do consumer reviews that can help make your decision easier.

Consumer Search has a great rating review of not only their winner for Best Baking or Unsweetened Chocolate but also rates their top winner in the categories of  Best Overall Chocolate, Best Supermarket Chocolate, Best Gourmet Dark Chocolate and Best  Chocolate Chips.

Cook’s Illustrated, is always a great reference for recommendations, whether culinary tools or ingredients.  This link will acquaint you with their recommendations for the best baking chocolate.  Hmmmm….I see a pattern emerging!

So…from two well-respected reviews, the clear winner in the war of the baking chocolate—Scharffenberger 99% Unsweetened Pure Dark Chocolate Bar!  We’ve used it for years and can attest to the taste, quality and the workability.  It’s well worth the extra investment.

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