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Happy Halloween! Let’s Eat the Best Dark Chocolate!

When Did You Fall in Love with Dark Chocolate? In honor of Halloween—the day that long ago introduced the wonderful world of chocolate to many of us pretending to be ghouls and goblins, let’s celebrate dark chocolate.  Not sure what your first memory of dark chocolate was, but we remember the bitter Hershey’s Special Dark […]

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Some Call it Medicine–We Call it Delicious!

Unsweetened Baking Chocolate There are some who view an ounce or so of unsweetened chocolate a day as medicine—great medicine.  But prepare yourself, unsweetened chocolate is just that—cocoa solids and cocoa butter with maybe a smidge of soy lecithin.  No sugar—therefore, pure unadulterated chocolate.   Look at the packaging of unsweetened chocolate. It should list one […]

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What Defines Dark Chocolate?

When You Choose the Dark Side of Chocolate, What Does that Really Mean? Dark chocolate is often referred to as “plain chocolate.”  It is the type of chocolate that most people associate with the visual appearance and familiarity of aroma and taste that is chocolate.  Produced by using cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar, it […]

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