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Top Ten Chocolate Trends

  Thanks to The Food Network, here are their expected trends in chocolate for the upcoming year.  Some may surprise you, but most, like spreadable chocolate, have been increasing in popularity and presence for a number of months.  What do you think?  Agree with The Food Network?  We do!   photo courtesy of herroses.com  

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chocolate salted caramels

Chocolate Math

Age by Chocolate Math This has made its way around the web a couple of times, but when we received it again a couple of days ago, we realized how fun and interesting it really is!  So make your way down the computations and prepare to be amazed.  Well, at least prepare to wonder how […]

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How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If You Can Operate a Microwave, You Can Dip Strawberries Just in time for Mother’s Day, let’s have a primer in chocolate-dipped strawberries.  Possibly one of the most simple yet elegant desserts.  There are really few tricks to making great chocolate-dipped strawberries.    This is perfect strawberry season and this year’s crop is amazing.  Gorgeous […]

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Celebrate with a Chocolate Parfait Recipe

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Best Chocolate Cake Recipe?

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