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Great Sources for Wholesale Chocolate

On question we often hear is, “where can I buy great chocolate at wholesale prices?”  For professional chefs and chocolatiers, the search is much easier as they can purchase bulk chocolate at wholesale prices through regional distributors or directly from the individual chocolate manufacturers.

But the good news is that as our palates become more refined and our demand for amazing chocolate grows, there are fantastic online resources for reasonably priced, super high quality chocolate at reasonable prices.  Watch these sites, you can often pick up volume discounts, free shipping or other great offers!

Where to Buy

The Orson H. Gygi Company has been in business since 1945. It is through a relationship with several manufacturers they are able to offer the most competitive pricing on highly quality confectionery chocolate for baking, confectionary work and other cooking needs.  They offer up to 10% discounts on bulk/case quantity orders.

Manufacturers:  Peter’s, Callebaut, Merckens,  Guittard and Ghiradelli

Cocoa Supply offers a variety of cocoa products, from diverse powders to the most exquisite single origin chocolates.

Manufacturers:  Callebaut, Vintage Plantation, cocoa liquor and cocoa butter

Since 1988, Chocosphere has provided a huge variety of couverture chocolate.  This Portland, Oregon retailer offers chocolate from over 50 world-class chocolatiers.

Manufacturers include:  Amedei, Valrhona, El Rey, Callebaut, Madécasse, Pralus, Felchin and Michel Cluizel

The Chocolate Source was created by and for chocolate lovers. They endeavor to bring you the best gourmet chocolates for all tastes and uses, and from all corners of the world.

Manufacturers:  Belcolade, Callebaut, El Rey, Scharffen-Berger and Valrhona

World Wide Chocolate is an Internet only fine chocolate enterprise dedicated to providing their customers with the best imported gourmet chocolate from around the world. Their number one goal is to present their customers with the best service, reasonable prices and the highest quality chocolate available online.

Manufacturers Include:  Lindt, Callebaut, Amano, Vahrhona, Green & Blacks, Michel Cluizel, Bonnat, Divine, Chocolove and Guittard.

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