The World of Organic Chocolate

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All About Organic

Organic chocolate is one of the fastest growing segments in the chocolate industry.  Much of that is driven by a consumer consciousness around foods grown sustainably without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, are processed without radiation, solvents or chemical food additives and are processed and handled separately from conventional cocoa beans.

All chocolate is made from roasted ground cocoa beans, sugar and possibly vanilla and an emulsifier. The difference with organic chocolate is that it not only uses beans cultivated without chemicals, it usually contains organically grown sugar.

But how does organic chocolate taste? Is there a difference?  According to all who have tried them, including the Chocolate Guru, organic chocolate has a richer, deeper chocolate flavor and are certainly distinctly different from standard ‘grocery store’ chocolates.

So Where Can I Find this Amazing Chocolate?

So who makes the finest organic chocolate?  That is really up to you to choose based on your own palate, but here is a list of readily available solid organic chocolate bars from chocolate makers large and small.  Purchase these chocolates to make your own confections or break up the bars and enjoy them as nature and their makers intended.

Café-Tasse, a Belgian chocolate maker, has a variety of solid and flavored bars under their ‘Bio’ label.  These chocolates are made using old chocolate making methods by hand.

Chocolove Chocolate is unique in that every bar is wrapped to look like a love letter from a distant land.  And inside each bar is a love poem AND chocolate.  Designed by its founder, Timothy Moley, to be clearly marked and reasonably priced, Chocolove chocolate can now be purchased in natural and whole food stores across the country.

Founded in 2001 by Oregon chocolate maker and entrepreneur, Frederick Schilling, Dagoba was purchased by Hershey’s in 2006.  Hershey’s continues to uphold the mission of Dagoba chocolate and their clout has made Dagoba readily available through Hershey’s distribution network.

Josephine Fairley and Craig Sams set out to bring the world the first organic chocolate in 1991.  The name, Green & Black’s, symbolizes the foundations of the brand—green for organic and black for the rich, dark almost black color of chocolate.  With offices in London and New Jersey, Green & Black’s offerings include bars and hot chocolate mix.  Green & Black’s chocolate can be purchased at Whole Foods Markets and organic markets around the world.

The Grenada Chocolate Company was founded in 1999, producing high quality dark varietal chocolate in Grenada using local cocoa and cocoa butter, with care for the environment and workers. Grenada chocolate is created in a solar-powered facility in the coconut groves of Grenada.  The original principle of Grenada Chocolate Company is to revolutionize the cocoa-chocolate system that typically keeps cocoa production separate from chocolate-making and therefore takes advantage of cocoa farmers.  They believe that the cocoa farmers should benefit as much as the chocolate-makers.

Pacari Chocolate is a line of premium organic chocolate, and the first single-origin organic chocolate made in entirely in Ecuador.  They partner directly with small-scale cacao growers to preserve their traditional way of farming, thereby safeguarding the biodiversity of cacao in Ecuador.

REPÚBLICA DEL CACAO° was born in 2004 as a project in search of rescuing one of the most valuable agricultural treasures of Ecuador –the “Arriba Cacao”.  “Cacao Arriba” or “Fine Aroma” is known worldwide by its floral and fruity fragrances which depend on the area or province of harvest, and due to variations in climate and soil have diverse characteristics.

Founded in 2006, Taza Chocolate was born out of a desire to combine the Mesoamerican tradition of chocolate with a modern, high-quality product manufactured in a socially responsible way.  During a trip to Oaxaca in 2005, Alex Whitmore was so taken by the stone-ground Mexican chocolate  that he and his partner, Larry Slotnick dedicated their business to creating artisan Mexican-style chocolate in the U.S.

Located in Seattle, Washington, Theo Chocolate Company was the first organic, Fair Trade Certified roaster of cacao in the United States, sourcing cacao from small farmers in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Ghana, Madagascar, Venezuela, and the Ivory Coast.

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