The World’s Most Expensive Fine Chocolates?

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When Money is No Object

How much are you willing to spend on your chocolate craving?  To some of us, chocolate is priceless and our willingness to spend knows few boundaries.  These days you can find luxury chocolates dripping in diamonds and other jewels.  Chocolates wrapped in silk and adorned with crystals can be purchased for your loved one.  The sky is truly the limit!

But are you willing to spend over $300 for Britain’s most expensive chocolates? Sold in Harrods world-famous Food Hall, this box of handmade truffles may be the ticket.  According to the Daily Mail, Harrods Knightsbridge store will sell these truffles this holiday season.

The Yummy Details

Each truffle is lovingly crafted in what Harrods say is an ‘award-winning, secret recipe’, filled with champagne and topped with flakes of edible 24-carat gold.  The 63 per cent Toscano Black cocoa that goes into the chocolate is sourced from a minuscule artisan chocolatier based on the outskirts of historic Pisa, Italy, and each bean is ground down using a traditional granite stone mill.

The resulting chocolate has been judged by the Academy of Chocolate as officially the best in the world. The Academy of Chocolate was launched in the UK in London on 15 June 2005 and its aims are to:

    • Encourage chocolate lovers to ‘look beyond the label’ to differentiate between chocolate confectionery and ‘real’ chocolate;
    • to improve the standard and knowledge of chocolate in the UK by promoting an understanding of the ingredients of chocolate, through the chain, from bean to bar;
    • to encourage the transparent sourcing of cocoa beans from the plantations, and their production in socially fair and environmentally undamaging conditions;
    • create a Master of Chocolate (a la Master of Wine)

The delicacies come presented in a handcrafted box encrusted inside and out with hundreds of 450 Swarovski crystals.  Available online at and at Harrods, the £190 Boutique Box contains 15 chocolates, but shoppers will also be able to buy just one chocolate, encased in its own individual crystal box.  A champagne-free truffle is also available.

Still Have Money to Burn?

If your budget allows, here is another idea on how to spend those extra holiday dollars on more of the world’s most expensive chocolate confections.

Confectioner Fritz Knipschildt created the La Madeline au Truffe in 1999.  Made to order, the truffle starts with a decadent 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla as the base for the rich decadent ganache. A rare French Perigord truffle (a rare mushroom) is then surrounded by this rich decadent ganache; it is enrobed in Valrhona dark chocolate and then rolled in fine cocoa powder. The result is pure extravagance! Lying on a bed of sugar pearls in a silver box tied with a ribbon.

Price:  $250 each

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