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You’ve probably heard of Ghirardelli, Toblerone, and Scharffen Berger chocolates, but if you look further, you’ll find hidden gems – small-batch chocolatiers making hand-crafted fine chocolates. Small companies all over the world are making products to rival the quality and craftsmanship of bigger, well-known companies.

And, often you’ll find that these smaller chocolatiers use fair-trade products, as opposed to larger companies.

One such company has gotten a lot of buzz from the food-loving world. Askinosie Chocolate in Springfield, MO has been talked about in publications from Forbes to The Atlantic and The New York Times for its high-quality chocolate as well as its business model.  

But is it worth the hype?

Follow us as we review the company and its products. We’ll let you know the positives and negatives of Askinosie Chocolate and help you decide if you should taste what they have to offer.

What Makes Askinosie Chocolate Unique?

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So, what is it about this small company in the middle of the United States that has attracted the world’s attention?

Its founder, Shawn Askinosie, had a career as a successful criminal defense attorney for 20 years before starting Askinosie Chocolate in 2005.

Among small-batch chocolatiers, Askinosie Chocolate is unique because they purchase their cocoa beans directly from farmers all over the world. This means these farmers, from Ecuador, Tanzania, and the Philippines, get to share profits directly from the sale of chocolate made with their beans.

These profits allow Askinosie Chocolate to support students in these countries without any outside donations.

Additionally, Askinosie Chocolate is unique for their chocolate-making process. They are among the few companies in the world that presses their own cocoa butter, which means they can truly claim their chocolate is single origin.

Askinosie Chocolate is award-winning chocolate. The company has won 3 Good Food Awards and 7 International Chocolate Awards.

This alone should put Askinosie Chocolate on your list of chocolates to try, and that doesn’t consider the ways the company has made it their goal to directly benefit the cocoa farmers and the countries they live in.

Pricing of Askinosie Chocolate Products

Askinosie Chocolate is sold across the United States in specialty and high-end stores. If you can’t find it in a store near you, you can order it from their website.

The prices of Askinosie products are on the high end, as you can imagine they would be, since the products are sold in specialty and luxury stores. The least expensive chocolate bar is $8.50. The bar in question is 3 oz. of 70% Ecuadorean chocolate.  

Askinosie Chocolate has 3 different varieties of chocolate bar and all are 3 oz. The first variety appears to be their original chocolate bar, the $8.50 bars, and they make 7 types of this variety of bar.

Next, they have a variety called CollaBARation Bars, which contain flavor ingredients from other companies. These companies have partnered with Askinosie to create flavored 3 oz. chocolate bars that cost $9.00.

The other variety of chocolate bar they have are white chocolate from the Philippines, some of which contain add-ins like cocoa nibs or pistachio nuts. These bars are also 3 oz. and cost $10.50.

The prices of these individual chocolate bars are decidedly high-end and twice what you might pay for premium chocolate from the grocery store. Compared with other artisan, small-batch chocolatiers, though, Askinosie Chocolate is priced comparably.

Askinosie Chocolate also sells various products made from cocoa beans, such as cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, malt balls, chocolate-hazelnut spread, and sipping chocolate. The prices for these products range from $10.50 to $16.50 and are fair-market prices for products like these.

The company also sells a couple products whose profits go toward helping students in the countries where Askinosie purchases cocoa beans. They sell tableya, or Philippine hot chocolate at $6.00 for 12 tablets, and all proceeds from the sales of this product go to the PTO of an elementary school in Davao, Philippines.

They also sell 1-kilogram bags of Tanzanian rice at $16.50. All proceeds from the sales of this rice go to the Mwaya Secondary School Lunch Program in Tanzania.

Public Perception (Other Askinosie Chocolate Reviews)

So far, Askinosie Chocolate sounds like a company with a heart and a purpose – to make high-quality chocolate that benefits the company, the cocoa bean farmers, and the communities where those farmers live. But what do customers think? Does Askinosie Chocolate taste good?

Well, the company website has no customer reviews, so we have browsed the internet for customer and professional reviews of Askinosie Chocolate. The company website tells us Askinosie Chocolate has won several prestigious food awards, but do customers agree with the food community?

Professional Reviews of Askinosie Chocolate

Not surprisingly, most professional reviews are glowingly positive. One reviewer raved about the quality of the chocolate, how complex the flavor profiles were and how smoothly it melted on the tongue. They were particularly complimentary of the white chocolate, which had so rich a flavor, the reviewer didn’t want to taste any other brand of white chocolate ever again.

Another reviewer talked about how Askinosie Chocolate had unseated their previous favorite, Valrhona Manjari. They also praised the company’s socially conscious, environmentally sustainable mission, and their simple packaging. Their only complaint was the cost, though they mentioned the bulk pricing is more economical.

One reviewer waxed poetic about Askinosie’s cocoa nib-encrusted chocolate bar and how badly they wanted to try the white chocolate bar, because it was made with goat milk. They also mentioned how much they were looking forward to using Askinosie’s single-origin cocoa powder.

Overall, professional reviewers were enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive about Askinosie Chocolate, not just for its flavor, but also for its company mission.

Customer Reviews of Askinosie Chocolate

So, how do customers feel? Are they as blown away by the quality and flavor of Askinosie Chocolate as the professionals?

Since the company website has no customer reviews available, we searched third party websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to find out what the everyday consumer like you thought about Askinosie Chocolate.

Again, most customers were impressed with the company, both the storefront location in Springfield, MO and the quality of the chocolate.

Almost all the customer reviews, even from those who weren’t impressed with the chocolate, praised the staff for being friendly and engaging. Some customers complained that the tour wasn’t worth the $5 fee they paid because the machines had already been turned off for the day, and they weren’t able to see any actual chocolate-making.

Many customers were impressed with the taste and quality of the chocolate, with some saying Askinosie was among their favorite places to go in Springfield.

Other customers thought the chocolate tasted no different from other premium chocolate brands and didn’t find it worth the price. Some customers even thought the chocolate was sub-par, and they liked Hershey’s or Ghirardelli better.

Most customers were quite happy with the flavors of Askinosie Chocolate, and the biggest complaints were about the cost of their products and the letdown of the factory tour.

However, one reviewer said that despite the price preventing them from buying as many chocolate bars as they wanted to, they were happy the staff seemed more than happy to provide as many samples as they asked for.

What We Think of Askinosie Chocolate

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Looking back at all the information we’ve uncovered, what do we think? Should you try Askinosie Chocolate?

Well, their mission seems admirable. They buy chocolate directly from cocoa bean farmers, passing the profit directly to them.

They engage with the farmers’ communities, raising funds to support local students through the sale of their products, and they’ve been able to sustain this support through sales alone. If you’re looking for a chocolate with a cause, you wouldn’t go wrong with Askinosie.

Professional reviewers who taste high-quality chocolate more frequently than the average consumer rave about Askinosie Chocolate’s flavor profiles and textures. One reviewer who wasn’t a fan of white chocolate said Askinosie’s white chocolate tasted so good, they were surprised by how much they enjoyed it. That alone should make you sit up and take notice of this chocolate company.

Askinosie Chocolate unseated another reviewer’s previous favorite premium chocolate. If that isn’t a glowing recommendation for you to try it, nothing is.

Most customer reviews are equally enthusiastic, which tells you Askinosie doesn’t just appeal to the chocolate connoisseur. The everyday consumer, like you, can find something you like in the flavor profiles Askinosie Chocolate offers.

Askinosie Is a Worthwhile Splurge

If you’re still on the fence, it might be because of the price. Askinosie Chocolate is premium, luxury chocolate, and it comes with a luxury price tag.

At around $10 per 3 oz. bar, you probably can’t buy more than one or two at a time. Even customers who liked the chocolate said the price was a stumbling block. If you’re budget-conscious, this might not be the brand for you.

But if you have room in your budget for an occasional splurge, and you love complex and flavorful chocolate, you should give Askinosie Chocolate a try. Find a store near you or stop by their website and order a bar or two. You might find your new favorite chocolate.

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