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tray of chocolates from the best chocolate brand

Top 7 Best Chocolate Brands

Attention chocolate lovers! Do you want to know what are the best chocolate brands in the world?Of course, you do. If you could, you’d travel the world to find and taste the best chocolate available. You’ve tried what the supermarket has to offer, maybe you’ve tried the specialty stores in your area, and now you’re […]

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dark chocolate

Best Dark Chocolate: Top 13 Picks

Source: maxpixel.netIt’s no secret that dark chocolate is the healthiest of all the chocolate. Though the reasons why seem to change often. What makes it so special?What’s the best dark chocolate?What makes a bar the best dark chocolate bar? Flavor? Ingredients? Brand? What is the key to dark chocolate perfection? Read on, and below we […]

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vosges chocolate

Vosges Chocolate  – Best Possible Chocolate Experience in New and Innovative Ways

Founded in 1998 by Katrina Markoff, Vosges Chocolate began with a mission of providing the best possible chocolate experience in new and innovative ways.A whole three days after graduating from Vanderbilt University, Katrina set off to learn as much as possible about the beautiful world of chocolate. She quickly moved to Paris, France to study […]

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maison du chocolat

Chocolate Brands from Around the World

Is Your Favorite Here? Everyone loves chocolate.  Today’s choices are more varied than ever, with all sorts of tempting sweet confections from rich truffles to bittersweet bonbons, organic dark chocolate bars to creamy ganaches.  According to the website, The Fifty Best, these are their contenders for the fifty best chocolate makers and chocolatiers from around […]

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Rock Chocolate!

Train and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Partnership One of the hottest 2012 chocolate trends is personalized chocolate.  Chocolate lovers near and far worldwide dream of chocolates created just for them.  Earlier this year came the announcement of the first totally personalized chocolate machine that creates custom 3-D treats (  The first Choc Edge printer sold on […]

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