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tray of chocolates from the best chocolate brand

Top 7 Best Chocolate Brands

Attention chocolate lovers! Do you want to know what are the best chocolate brands in the world?Of course, you do. If you could, you’d travel the world to find and taste the best chocolate available. You’ve tried what the supermarket has to offer, maybe you’ve tried the specialty stores in your area, and now you’re […]

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dark chocolate

Best Dark Chocolate: Top 13 Picks

Source: maxpixel.netIt’s no secret that dark chocolate is the healthiest of all the chocolate. Though the reasons why seem to change often. What makes it so special?What’s the best dark chocolate?What makes a bar the best dark chocolate bar? Flavor? Ingredients? Brand? What is the key to dark chocolate perfection? Read on, and below we […]

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crushed chocolate

Types Of Chocolate To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Source: pixabay.comPeople from all around the world love their chocolate.Whether they use it to produce delicious chocolate treats or just enjoy it on their lunch break at work, people enjoy different types of chocolate every day.A study from Statista on Food and Nutrition reports that people worldwide consumed just over 7.6 million tons of retail […]

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vegan chocolates on a plate

The 7 Sinful Secrets of Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate Date Truffles: CC BY-SA 2.0, by, via WikimediaWhy Vegan Chocolate Is Healthier, Tastier… and Why You Can Eat More of It! You’re at an informal party. It’s a potluck-style gathering, and the guests are chatting about the various dishes on the table. One in particular catches your eye… a delicious-looking plate of chocolate […]

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Brownie with temper chocolate inside

How to Temper Chocolate the Proper Way: A Step By Step And Complete Guide

There’s nothing like chocolate to hit the spot when you’re craving some dessert. Whether it’s a slice of devil’s food cake, or a brownie warm from the oven – chocolate is a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.As wonderful as chocolate is, no one likes it when chocolate melts all over their hands. It […]

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