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Awake Chocolate Review – a Chocolate and Caffeine Lover

There are certain times in life when you need something to help you get through the day. Something that will help you complete a task, even when you are tapped out.One such product is Awake Chocolate.They have taken two of the most notable and addictive substances on earth and combined them.That is great if you are […]

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In Honor of National Dessert Day, Here is an Amazing Chocolate Dessert Recipe with Pictures

Happy Dessert Day–Let’s Have Molten Chocolate Cake! October 9th is National Dessert Day.  We decided to take it one step further and declare it National CHOCOLATE Dessert Day.  So for today’s celebration we offer Molten Chocolate Cake.  Yum…molten chocolate cake.  It is one of our favorite desserts—so easy yet so decadent.  This recipe from Eric […]

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Celebrate Today with a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake!

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We Need Some Cake!

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Smores kitchentable4.blogspot.com

August 10th is National S’mores Day!

photo courtesy of myfourmonkeys.com

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