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maison du chocolat

Chocolate Brands from Around the World

Is Your Favorite Here? Everyone loves chocolate.  Today’s choices are more varied than ever, with all sorts of tempting sweet confections from rich truffles to bittersweet bonbons, organic dark chocolate bars to creamy ganaches.  According to the website, The Fifty Best, these are their contenders for the fifty best chocolate makers and chocolatiers from around […]

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chocolate salted caramels

Chocolate Math

Age by Chocolate Math This has made its way around the web a couple of times, but when we received it again a couple of days ago, we realized how fun and interesting it really is!  So make your way down the computations and prepare to be amazed.  Well, at least prepare to wonder how […]

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peppermint patties

Chocolate Candy Recipes, Anyone?

photo courtesy of Romulo Yanes    

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