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Rock Chocolate!

Train and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Partnership One of the hottest 2012 chocolate trends is personalized chocolate.  Chocolate lovers near and far worldwide dream of chocolates created just for them.  Earlier this year came the announcement of the first totally personalized chocolate machine that creates custom 3-D treats (http://news.discovery.com/tech/chocolate-printer-makes-custom-3-d-treats-120411.html).  The first Choc Edge printer sold on […]

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Top Ten Chocolate Trends

  Thanks to The Food Network, here are their expected trends in chocolate for the upcoming year.  Some may surprise you, but most, like spreadable chocolate, have been increasing in popularity and presence for a number of months.  What do you think?  Agree with The Food Network?  We do!   photo courtesy of herroses.com  

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Olympic Park Aerial Images Display Transformation On Eve of Olympic And Paralympic Year

The Chocolate Olympics

Cadbury World Chocolatiers Recreate the Olympic Stadium Straight from The Birmingham Mail is a sweet Olympic story.  While athletes around the world compete for gold this week in London, two Cadbury chocolatiers paid tribute to the Games by creating their own edible model of Olympic Stadium. It took Dawn Janks and Donna Oluban two weeks […]

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Official Chocolate of the 2012 Olympics

Chocolate Olympics With the 2012 London Olympics officially getting underway tomorrow, thought it would be fun to share a little tidbit with all of you.  As you know, sponsoring companies get the opportunity to be designated as ‘official’ representatives of the Olympic Games.  For instance, Coca-Cola is the official soft drink of the 2012 Olympics. […]

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Is Chocolate Also a Sunscreen?

Now THAT Is Something We Didn’t Think Of! According to Modern Baking  (modern-baking.com/news), scientists in Quebec are studying whether eating dark chocolate helps protect against sunburn.   The researchers from Laval University’s Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods will monitor the effects of chocolate consumption on fair-skinned female volunteers between the ages of 25 and […]

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