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van houten cocoa factory

The History of Chocolate–Part III

The Modern Era Thanks to the ancient Mesoamericans, cacao made a grand entrance into Europe.  But relatively little development occurred for over 200 years.  As cacao became more commonly available, people began experimenting with new ways of using it. But it wasn’t until 1828 that the “modern era” of chocolate making and production began. Cocoa […]

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The History of Chocolate–Part II

The European Invasion Europe was first introduced to the primary ingredient in chocolate when Christopher Columbus brought a handful of dark, almond-shaped beans back to Spain from his 1502 voyage. Among the many strange objects that Columbus presented to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, these cocoa beans from Nicaragua seemed the least promising. Columbus, who […]

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mayan chocolate pic II

The History of Chocolate

The Beginning Just the word chocolate evokes strong emotion in almost every person.  Its texture, taste and divine flavor can make grown mean swoon.  In addition to being one of the most highly regarded food items, it also enjoys a rich, exotic history.  Chocolate in its raw or processed form is produced from the seed […]

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