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Easter Chocolate Cake Recipe from Scratch

photo courtesy of makingmacy.blogspot.com

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Chocolate Christmas Gifts

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nestle chocolates from the 80's

Where are My Shoulder Pads and Leg Warmers?

Is that Duran Duran I hear? While Nestle wasn’t the first American chocolate manufacturer to produce a white chocolate bar (that honor goes to Hershey), it was the first manufacturer to produce a weirdly memorable commercial.  Made in the 1980’s, we dare you to get the tune from this campy commercial out of your head […]

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white chocolate

Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

What is White Chocolate? There are three main types of finished chocolate used by professional and amateur chefs around the world—white, milk and dark.  White chocolate is made just like milk and dark chocolate–the difference is the ingredients.   White is the only type of chocolate that does not contain cocoa solids, the dark paste derived […]

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