The Good, the Bad and the Ugly–Chocolate Reviews of Air Delight

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Hershey’s Air Delight Chocolate Review


Love it or hate it, Hersheys’ new Air Delight chocolate bar is creating controversy.  Some say it is an ingenious way for Hershey to reduce sell less chocolate for the same amount of money.  Others say Air Delight is a solid entry into the aerated chocolate category.

The first aerated bars hit store shelves in 1935, when Rowntree, later acquired by Nestlé, launched Aero. In 1937, Nestle started selling aerated chocolate under its Cailler brand. Later in the 1930s Rowntree sold aeration machines to rivals such as Lindt & Sprüngli and Van Houten, and in the 1980s confectioners in the Soviet Union started making aerated bars.

Popular international brands of aerated chocolate include, the Nestle Aero line sold throughout Canada as well as though international retailer locations, Cadbury Bubbly bars—the UK giant’s player in this field, and the Frey Chocobloc AIR from the Swiss manufacturer.

Our original goal in covering the aerated chocolate boon was to do our own review of the new Hershey Air Delight bar, but while doing our research we discovered we would be adding nothing new to the current dialogue, so instead we offer what we call The Good, the Bad and the Ugly—reviews from across the food blogs and review sites.

The Good

Well, good might be a stretch with some of these reviews, but these reviews skew from slightly to solidly on the positive side of the scale.

The Bad

Okay, no disrespect to Hershey, but these reviews lack anything redeeming in their opinions around Air Delight.  Most reviewers found it bland at best and inedible at the worst.

The Ugly

Ouch!  Foodette produced without a doubt the most controversial of reviews of the Air Delight candy.  Dripping with criticism, this review also stirred a ton of controversy within the Foodette fan base.

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