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Tips For Pairing Chocolates And Cigars

Pairing cigars with chocolate can be a pleasurable and senses-enlightening experience, however, the process by which each is enjoyed demands its own analysis. I’ll walk you through my ritual of enjoying cigars, and draw comparisons  to enjoying fine chocolates. Sight Is the cigar well-constructed? Are there any blemishes on the wrapper? Are there any large veins? […]

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Before You Buy the Chocolate Making Supplies…

Chocolate Maker or Chocolatier? We often get asked, “What are the best chocolate making supplies?”  But there is another question that begs to be asked prior to selecting equipment.  That question is, “Are you creating chocolate from cocoa beans or making chocolate confections from chocolate produced by a chocolate maker?”   Chocolate makers pursue the craft […]

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Making Chocolate at Home

Chocolate Maker or Chocolatier?   A couple of weeks ago, we provided some rather detailed information about making chocolate at home.  As you recall, making chocolate is the process of roasting and grinding cocoa beans to create solid chocolate bars.  That differs from the pursuit of making delicious chocolate confections–a process using finished chocolate to […]

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How about Making your Own Chocolate Advent Calendar?

Chocolate Advent Calendar Part Deux A couple of days ago we posted some quick ideas to grab chocolate Advent calendars for the upcoming holiday.  Today, we thought for those of you that are a bit more industrious, we would throw out a few Advent calendar ideas that allow you to make your own chocolate novelties and […]

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Tell Me About Wholesale Chocolate

Great Sources for Wholesale Chocolate On question we often hear is, “where can I buy great chocolate at wholesale prices?”  For professional chefs and chocolatiers, the search is much easier as they can purchase bulk chocolate at wholesale prices through regional distributors or directly from the individual chocolate manufacturers. But the good news is that […]

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