Vosges Chocolate  – Best Possible Chocolate Experience in New and Innovative Ways

Founded in 1998 by Katrina Markoff, Vosges Chocolate began with a mission of providing the best possible chocolate experience in new and innovative ways.

A whole three days after graduating from Vanderbilt University, Katrina set off to learn as much as possible about the beautiful world of chocolate. She quickly moved to Paris, France to study the culinary arts at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu.

With a solid foundation of technical knowledge of chocolatier skills obtained from the best source possible, Katrina would then continue her global journey to learn more about cultural influences that shape chocolate making in different countries.

Learning The Art Of Making Chocolate From Different Influences

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Katrina wanted to learn more about Spanish influences and techniques used in chocolate making, so she took an apprenticeship with legendary Adrià brothers in Spain.

There she learned in-depth about the unique spice palettes used there, including the unexpected, but amazing combination that chili peppers and chocolate make together.

After absorbing all that she could from the Adriàs, Katrina would then go on to Southeast Asia and finally Australia. She would learn about the use of several floral and aromatic ingredients that at the time were unheard of in the US.

Whenever Katrina wanted to learn about how a certain region in the world produced chocolate, she did not just read about it in a book.

She traveled to the source and completely immersed herself with the culture to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for how chocolate is done there.

The Beginning Of Vosges Chocolate

Now equipped with a set of technical skills spanning the globe, Katrina was finally comfortable in beginning her own chocolate company.

In 1998, Vosges Haut-Chocolat was born.

vosges chocolate

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Vosges wanted to shine a spotlight on tastes from around the world. The belief system utilized by the company was that chocolate should not just be a quick, fleeting taste sensation, but an all out sensory experience.

With the highest quality chocolate as a base, Vosges would begin to incorporate flowers, roots, herbs, spices, and liqueurs to the premium chocolate—creating an experience meant to treat all the senses.

The goal of Vosges is to give all its customers a true culinary journey into the world of chocolate that would stay long after that treats have been enjoyed.

Vosges offers a high quality delicious chocolate treats, including, chocolate bars and truffles.

Chocolate Bars

Vosges offers an incredibly vast and interesting line of chocolate bars that incorporates flavors and palettes from every region imaginable.

Chocolate bars are the most common form of the decadent treat that everyone who loves chocolate has enjoyed.

Vosges takes the comfort of the candy bar and adds in exotic ingredients to create an immersive experience, the likes of which you just cannot get anywhere else.

Every added spice or special component is never arbitrary. Each ingredient works in concert with the chocolate to create a taste that is perfectly balanced and makes sense together.

Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar

Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar takes 45 percent dark milk chocolate and fruitwood smoked bacon to create a sweet and savory combination that will surely please the senses. The smokiness of the bacon helps offset the sweetness of the chocolate.

Vosges doesn’t stop there though as they’ve also added Alderwood smoked salt gives that salty and sweet pairing that work to compliment each other for an amazing taste and mouth feel. This is truest unique offering from Vosges Chocolate.

Mint Matcha Chocolate Bar

The Mint Matcha chocolate bar is another fan favorite that takes the well known and successful pairing of mint and chocolate, but then takes it to the next level.

This 45 percent cacao dark milk chocolate works as the perfect velvety canvas for the introduction of crushed mint leaves, that have been ground to the thin consistency that is easy to eat.

The grinding process releases the aromatic oils of the leaves yielding a refreshing burst of flavor with each bite.

Grade A Matcha green tea powder is added to give rise to hints of bamboo and other earthy notes. The matcha not only improves upon the mint flavor but delivers aromas that are pleasant to the nose and add to the overall mouth feel.

This is a perfect example of how Vosges has both taste and scent in mind to work in concert to maximize the chocolate experience.

Coconut Ash And Banana Super Dark Chocolate Bar

If you are more of heavy dark chocolate fan, you are surely in luck with this offering from Vosges Chocolate.

The Coconut Ash and Banana Super Dark Chocolate Bar boasts 72 percent cacao dark chocolate that is both delicious and good for you.

The antioxidant-rich dark chocolate pairs with subtle coconut ash to deliver a true superfood. The ash of the burnt coconut is full of activated charcoal which helps remove toxins from the body and perpetuate alkalinity throughout the body.

The alkaline properties help to prevent free radicals from forming and the antioxidants of the chocolate prevent this oxidative stress as well.

This is a candy bar that you can truly feel great about indulging in as it helps reduce stress and promote a healthy heart and brain.

As if that wasn’t enough, the addition of banana increases the flavor profile and brings with it another boost of healthy micronutrients in the form of potassium and vitamin B6.

Chocolate Bar

% of Cacao Dark Chocolate

Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar

45 %

Mint Matcha chocolate bar


Coconut Ash and Banana Super Dark Chocolate Bar


Vosges Chocolate Truffles 

Vosges not only offers chocolate bars to be enjoyed in an extended setting but offers perfect singular bites in their incredible truffles.

Keeping with the core beliefs of sharing the flavors of the world, Vosges Chocolate offers a box of 16 different 45 percent cacao milk chock truffles—each of which focuses on a region with its own taste profiles and spice palettes.

Naga Truffle 

Naga Truffle

The Naga truffle incorporates curry and coconut, an Indian staple combination, to maximize the flavor profile. The Woolloomooloo is not only fun to say but is also delicious. This Australian inspired treat comes complete with Australian macadamia nuts and coconut, yielding a sweet and earthy taste sure to please.

Sveta Sofia Truffle

Sveta Sofia Truffle

The Sveta Sofia uses Bulgarian rose water, pistachio paste, dried rose bud tea, and small morsels of Bronte pistachio to give a flavor profile the likes of which you’ve never experienced. The rose aromatic accents help to open the senses to experience the complexity and richness of of two distinct layers of salty and sweet pistachio.

Jazz Truffle 

Jazz Truffle

For coffee lovers, the Jazz truffle brings with it an exquisitely complex Café du Monde chicory coffee. The combination of coffee and chocolate is a match made in heaven, and with one bite of this truffle, you’ll surely feel heavenly.

If you like things a little on the spicy side, the Red Fire truffle is made with ancho chilies, Ceylon cinnamon, and 62 percent cacao Venezuelan dark chocolate.


Individual bars of Vosges chocolate are available at $8.00 a piece, a bargain price for the sheer quality you will be receiving.

These are not your run of the mill chocolate bars, and when you consider the exotic ingredients included in each offering, this price point is extremely reasonable. Also, the more pieces you purchase at a time, the cheaper the bars become piece by piece.

man holding money bills

Vosges Chocolate offers a 6-piece custom option that will allow you to select any 6 bars for a total of only $45. They also offer a $105 12-count collection of pre-selected bars that encompass flavors from around the globe.

The special box set also comes with a Vosges Haut-Chocolat book revealing background information and interesting stories about all of the bars’ signature ingredients.

As for the truffle options, the 16-count box goes for $48, which are available in milk, dark, and exotic collections. You can double up your truffle count to 32 pieces for $90 and save a total of six dollars.

Again, these prices are reflective of the extremely high-quality ingredients and care put into each piece, but if this is still a little too high for you—there are several options available for under $25.

A two-piece truffle box will allow you to get a great idea of how incredible these chocolates are at only $6, or you could double up to a four-count for $12. At that same $12 price point, you could go for a four-count box of Bonbons filled with creamy organic peanut butter, with a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt.

These are all great starter options for you to at least get a small taste of the shear quality that Vosges offers.

Takeaways From Vosges Chocolate

Katrina Markoff has devoted her life to scouring the globe for the best possible exotic ingredients that you cannot just find anywhere.

making chocolates

Her obsession with selecting only the highest quality products makes for a chocolate experience that truly cannot be matched.

Vosges chocolate allows you to taste flavors from all over the world.

Flavors that, at first glance, may seem strange, but with just one taste, you will immediately see that trying one of their chocolates is a full body experience that awakens all the senses.

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