What Is White Chocolate: How Is It Made And What Is The Difference

Not many people agree that it even is chocolate. They call it an impostor.

Even though the cacao tree has been around for thousands of years, the solid chocolate bar, which we enjoy, is a fairly new delicacy.

Before, the Mayans and the Aztecs consumed a bitter drink. However, when the Europeans discovered that adding sugar changed the taste, it became quite popular and quite tasty.

However, many have experimented with chocolate over the years. One of those experiments has led to white chocolate.

So, What Is White Chocolate And What's In It?

white chocolate bar

White chocolate can be considered a byproduct of chocolate. The main ingredients usually consist of milk solids, sugar and cocoa butter.

Plus, it is set apart by an ivory or light yellow appearance.

Even though cocoa butter is the only thing from the cacao bean that is found in white chocolate. Its main benefit is that white chocolate will not melt if it is left at room temperature. This is also true of dark and milk chocolate.

Chocolate in its unsweetened and unrefined form has non-fat cocoa solids. You will not find this in white chocolate. It is the main element that makes up chocolate liquor

As it relates to the cacao bean, for the duration of the manufacturing process, they remove the fatty content from the dark-colored solids.

It is the same thing that they do for the dark chocolate and when they are making milk chocolate.

So, at the end of the day, the only thing of any chocolate value in white chocolate is cocoa butter.

Some manufacturers will add ingredients like vanilla, to white chocolate to enhance the taste. And unlike dark chocolate, you will only have a minute amount of caffeine and theobromine stimulants

How Is White Chocolate Made

hands holding cocoa

So, as we have mentioned, the cocoa butter comes out of the cacao when they are trying to make chocolate.

But to be exact, it is when they are creating the cocoa powder.

What manufacturers do to produce that cocoa powder is to ground the roast cacao beans into a paste. Once that is done, you get the age-old chocolate liquor.

A great hydraulic press is then used to press the paste. This gets out the cocoa butter from the cocoa mass.

It typically looks like a firm lump. They grate it into cocoa powder after extracting the delicate and delectable cocoa butter. This is also a rather low-fat and unsweetened part of the chocolate.

But the smell is heavenly when you observe the process in the manufacturing plants.

The costly cocoa butter is regularly put on the market and bought by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

This is of great benefit because of its melting point. It makes it ideal for products like lipstick. And even more beneficial when you put a bit in your mouth.

Pastry chefs love this aspect too, especially because of the value it adds to a good tasting bit of white chocolate.

The White Chocolate Controversy

Everyone has his or her preference when it comes to white chocolate. There are those who think it is the best and there are others who oppose this truth.

It is true white chocolate is often considered a contentious concoction. When you think about what is white chocolate, just remember that it has:

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Coacoa Butter

However, many people add an artificial vanilla-like substance called vanillin as well as vanilla.

On the other hand, dark chocolate has:

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cacao Mass
  • Vanilla and/or Lecithin
  • Sugar

You might notice there is no cacao mass in white chocolate. So it has this slight, pale yellow color that comes from the cocoa butter.

But, it is this ingredient, which makes the taste so delicate and smooth. You can try combining it with desserts made from dark chocolate. It is a bolder flavor, but the white chocolate evens it out very well.

It is possible that those people who are greatly against white chocolate, have never had the pleasure of tasting a great piece. When some manufacturers cut corners in their production and use substandard by-products, their white chocolate composition cannot stand up to the more rich and authentic dark chocolate.

They need to get some from a top chocolatier.

The USDA’s regulations of identity, previous to 2002, mentioned that white chocolate was not considered to be chocolate, for the reason that there were no cocoa solids in it.

If cocoa solids were in the mix, then there would be no ‘white’.

However, those standards have changed and so long as there is 20% cocoa butter, white chocolate is considered chocolate.

The Coating On White Chocolate Makes The Difference

man making a coating with white chocolate

Ahead of accomplishing a certified chocolate status, white chocolate used to be called a “confectionary.”

An item for consumption referred to as summer or confectionary coating had the same ingredients as white chocolate. They were vanilla, milk and sugar. However, sometimes rather than using butter, they would use vegetable oil.

It was this “confectionary” which some terms as “white chocolate.”

Before universal air conditioning was popular, vegetable oil was able to withstand very high temperatures, better than cocoa butter.

In view of the fact that, this summer coating was a preferred way to produce summer bonbons.

These were basically “white chocolate” that was regularly tinted an attractive pallid shade not counting the normal white.

Some people do not like the taste this gives. However, those with a more discerning palate are not amiable to it.

The character of white chocolate cannot be maintained and neither left without a blemish if some manufacturers continue to use a minimal amount of cocoa butter and lots of milk and sugar.

This makes it sickly sweet and insipid, to say the least. No wonder so many people are against it.

Some White Chocolate Facts

Chocolate in a bowl

There is a lot to know about the white chocolate movement. Continue reading for a few interesting tips.

  1. What is Milk Fat?

Generally, you see an ingredient called milk fat, on the label of dark or white chocolate. This is so because it must be added to these two emulsion products.

When you contribute any quantity of liquid to the chocolate, such as milk or water, it affects the emulsion by causing it to seize or rupture. So this is combated by drying out the milk until it is a paste or powder. After which, it is combined with the white chocolate.

So, no water is left to corrupt the white chocolate structure.

  1. What Does the Law Say about White Chocolate?

To be considered a true chocolate product, there has to be no less than 20% cocoa fat in white chocolate. This is specific to the USA.

  1. How Do You Store White Chocolate?

White chocolate does not keep for long, as with dark chocolate. So you have to be mindful of this when you are purchasing it in larger quantities.

The dairy element is what makes white chocolate perishable. Find a dark and cool location for storage.

Why then should it not be stored in the refrigerator? Because it traps odors due to its high-fat content. Keeping it around for more than a year is asking for trouble.

  1. Who Makes White Chocolate in America?

Askinoise, Baker’s, and E. Guittard are the only companies that manufacturer white chocolate in America. Majority of the other white chocolate products are made in Europe.

This might because most people in the USA do not bake with white chocolate.

The Love Of White Chocolate

chocolate bars

It is unfortunate that white chocolate has gotten such a bad rep within its short 20th century beginnings. We hope that this will change as we move through the 21st century.

This is necessary because, when done right, white chocolate is really, really good. And it has its place.

Whether we consider it is a full-fledged family member or distant cousin, with nearly eight billion people in the world, many like it for what it is.

What we have to make sure of is that manufacturers maintain a high standard if they are going to produce white chocolate.

So that when people ask what is white chocolate, they can get an answer, which belies a more golden standard, in terms of the quality of products used.

Sure, it might not have the right cocoa mass, which makes dark chocolate so valuable and supreme. However, that cocoa butter is no joke.

In its fullness, cocoa butter is also heaven to the tongue.

That is why it is of great value to cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies. And that is why it is great for the skin too.

So, more percentages of it need to be incorporated in white chocolate.

When this happens, white chocolate will be a favorite among many people. More manufacturers will believe in its ability to be a viable investment, and it might become just as popular as dark or milk chocolate.

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